Andreas Oldörp's work is based on a sculptural-plastic under-
standing of the phenomenon of sound. Acoustic Architectures is what Andreas Oldörp himself calls the installations he has created for exterior and interior spaces since 1988.
Oldörp's sound architectures are structures that seem alive, constantly resounding tone spaces with a rich inner texture. In them, sound is the driving force for a variable acoustic environment whose complexity reveals itself only through time, i.e., in the subjectively experienced sequence of distinct spatial and acoustic zones.
Andreas Oldörp works with natural produced sounds. The sound
is directly created in the exhibition space by the sculpture-
instruments. He works with organ pipes driven by air, or as in this exhibition, where he lets small gas flames burn inside glass tubes, which makes them "sing". Oldörp's artistic roots lie in visual art. He studied at the College of Visual Arts in Hamburg with Henning Christiansen (danish composer / fluxus artist).
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