die anderen / Flensburger Aggregat  
as part of the Klangraum Flensburg exhibition
Museumsberg / Bundsen-Kapelle
September 2 to November 11

bei Beuys / Erste Hilfe
in the framework of  Im Auge des Klanges
an exhibition in celebration of the Museum Schloss Moyland's 10th anniversary
June 17th to September 16th

Steertlochsiel on the North Sea near Meldorf
in the framework of the Kunst+Landschaft 06 exhibition
until autumn 2008


for Otto Linne
Competition draft for a memorial for the horticultural director Otto Linne,
in the grounds of the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Hamburg
1st price

in the framework of the Exhibiton Soundspace Sibiu
Capital of Culture Sibiu 2007 project, Romania
Contribution at Biserica Azilului
July 1st to August 3rd

the dragoneggs of Wales
Submitted proposal for phase two of the Landmark Wales competition.


"Death in Rome"
Stage-design for a play by Jacob Wren 
Sophiensæle, Berlin June 9th to 10th and 13th to 17th
FFT, Düsseldorf June 21st to 23rd   

the breakwaterorgan
Submitted proposal for phase one of the Landmark Wales competition