soundinstallation in the context of the exhibition SOUNDSEEING 3
at DA - Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst
february 26th to july 10th 2011  


Roehren und Lamellen
with Jeannette Fabis and Ralf Jurszo
soundinstallation at Stadtgalerie im Elbeforum Brunsbüttel
may 29th to july 3rd 2011  

Steertlochsiel on the North Sea near Meldorf
since november 2008 maintained by private sponsership  current


Arbeit mit Lager_2   
reconstruction of a soundinstallation made in 1997    
at the big cisterne Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
june 30th to september 11th 2011    infos

white lily
soundinstallation at the Cultural Mile in Enschede    
at the Boerenkerkhof
Permanent installation since 18th of june 2010.

soundinstallation in the context of Romanischer Sommer    
at Kunststation St. Peter, Cologne
5th and 6th of july / 8th to 10th july 2011    infos