Your place or mine?

Your place or mine? works with minimal resources. In a rustically very restless and rough environment an' organ point that resonates permanently and creates acoustically a precisely tuned polar stress field. Thus he gives the surroundings a for the moment barely perceived tinge. A harmonic hovering, persisting sound is to be sensed. Depending on the location it changes its intensity and its colour, its bearing can also vary. The sound sources are located in the Hammerbacher Hutte and in the small chapel. Both lie on raised ground and are separated from each other by a ravine. There Andreas Oldorp installed for each an air conduction system with copper pipes. The copper pipes, comparable in their construction style with organ pipes, have bodies of varying length, that means they have variously long air columns and thus various pitches of sound(from the catalogue)

Assistenz: Ecki Güther